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Anti Vibration Pads

Anti Vibration Pads

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Does your washing machine or your dryer have a mind of it’s own? Does it start vibrating so hard that you think everything is going to fall apart? Your machines need to be levelled. It takes a lot of time and effort to get it levelled and still it may not be perfect. We have the perfect solution for you. Simply place the 4 pads under each corner and let the pad do the work.

✅ No Vibration

✅ Reduced Noise

✅ Easy Installation

✅ Universal Use

✅ Waterproof & Wear Resistant

✅ Strong & Durable

✅ FREE Shipping 

Apply to tables and chairs, sofa, washing machine, bed, tea table and other furniture foot protection.

Made of TPR material, can keep your machines and dryers from walking and reduce the vibration imparted on the floor. Good vibrations with absorbing abilities to make your washing machine more stable and balanced, keep your laundry room quiet and nice.

Dimensions: 10cm X 4cm

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